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Shoonya Shala is located in DLF, Gurgaon. Our doors will open officially in May 2016. This space was originally meant as a private practice studio for the teachers, Sapna and Ajay Babbar, but in the spirit of sharing, expanded into a richly landscaped shala (school), where learning can be shared with yoga practitioners and teachers.

We aim to offer a space which draws inspiration in architecture and design from our lessons in global classrooms. Some of our principles are: simplicity, hygiene, encouragement, warmth and focused personal attention for students.

We may use music and mood lighting / candlelight, or depending on the type of class, use nature and her elements to uplift your practice and mental state. Our goal is to practice in a green, open space with warm flooring and stable temperature.

Our focus is to offer students the classes, practices and postures which are best suited to their bodies and unique requirements. While our studio is being built to offer you the best, we are available for private one-on-one yoga classes and at select yoga studios. Our effort is to offer the benefits of asana (posture) pranayama (breathwork) and dhyana (meditation).

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Call us on + 91 9910654754 for private classes.

Open Classes: Open classes accommodate all levels, from beginner to advanced practitioners. You can try traditional Hatha classes in the Sivananda Yoga format, slower joint and flexibility mobilizing Yin Yoga practice or a Hatha Flow class which is a sequence of alternating postures, focusing on breath and cardiovascular stimulation. You can book a one-on-one Thai Bodywork or Assisted Yoga session, or organize a group class at your club or Housing Society.

Couples Classes: A couple yoga class is ideally held on a weekend, when both spouses are relaxed, and able to offer time and energy. The class is led by Sapna and Ajay together, using assisted stretches and postures to help couples practice together and support each other.

Corporate Wellness Program: At the workplace, yoga provides a respite for employees to recharge and relax. Steps taken to calm the mind, stretch the body, and simply breathe can have an impact on productivity, job satisfaction, and overall performance. The target could be to alleviate back
pain, stress or fatigue; to improve overall health and concentration; or augment an incentive and rewards program. Contact us to structure a Corporate Wellness Program which suits the unique needs of your workplace.

Classes for Women: Pre-Natal, Post-Natal and hormonal yoga therapy classes are led by Sapna. Yoga therapy can significantly balance hormone levels in women. It helps reduce and eliminate the discomfort of menopause and can also help increase fertility and relieve other symptoms and conditions associated with imbalanced hormone levels. Accessible to women of all ages and fitness levels, this practice is a wonderful way to balance your hormones naturally.

Restorative Practice: A restorative class may offer fascia (connective tissue) and joint mobilization for the elderly, or customized personal training for athletes and body builders. It may be a focussed stretching class for Runners and Crossfitters, or a flexibility enhancer for anyone with a stiff body.